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Sorim Kim  is..

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a Visual development artist with years of hands-on experience in the animation industry. Involved in South Korea's

popular kids' animated projects: Multicultural team player with great organizational skills.

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May 2022

Jul 2017~ Jun 2019

Dec 2014 ~ Aug 2015

<The Magical Grannies>

Visual Devleopment & Character Designer

Academy of Art University

 -  Worked on character design, environments, and props.

 - Scheduled the production of project and documented progress while meeting


 -  Consulted with professors, colleagues, and professionals for work feedback and

      made modifications according to suggestions.

Production and Development Team  (Project Management)

Choirock Contents Factory / Korea

 -  Managed work pipeline and schedules for <Ghost Mecard> and <Dino Mecard>

 -  Communicated with multiple departments to finalize animation series and

      collaborated with outside companies.

 -  Worked with pre-production department crews to create early character designs,

      outlooks and atmospheres, model packets and rough storyboards to develop new


Character Artist

Studio Vandal / Korea

 -  Worked as a sub-character artist, designed sidekicks and extra characters for Flash Animation <The Little Stone DODO>

 -  Involved in the main design production and direction for a

undisclosed project and collaborated with outsourcing


Participated in the BG work of producing promotional

animations of the local community.


Clients include : Ninetale Corporation, Pivot Games, Archosaur Games, MCOCOA Games, Damda, Terapin, Lone Coconut LLC

-   Created character design, model sheets, main cover illustration, background design, prop design and visual development for games and animations.

 -  Met with clients to identify ideas and develop concepts.

 -  Applied modifications to concept work according to clients' feedback while following deadlines.


Fall 2019 ~ May 2022

Mar 2016 ~ Feb 2019

Mar 2010 ~ Feb 2016

MFA Visual Development / Academy of Art University

Awarded in 2020, and 2022 spring shows.

MFA in Media Interaction Design / Ewha Womans University

> Thesis: A Study of Transformation Direction in Transformation Girl Animations

 -  Worked as a research assistant in the Animation Lab and supported visual exhibitions and education in the university

 -  Created a storyboard for Introduction to Animation (K-MOOC)

BFA in Ceramic Arts & Media Interaction Design

Ewha Womans University

Double Major



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